Alleged cable thief busted in Phuket, accomplice possibly still at large

PHOTO: Wichit Police

A Phuket man was arrested recently after he allegedly stole telephone and communications cables throughout the island. The man allegedly sold the cables for scrap near his house in Phang Nga.

Wichit police and members of the Crime Suppression Region 5 and officials from the TOT company showed up at Chaturong Bhumlamnao’s house to arrest him. The TOT had previously filed a formal complaint that cables were being stolen across Phuket. Wichit police say that through the course of their investigation they determined that 2 culprits were responsible for the thefts in the Wichit region. Shortly after zeroing in on the suspects’ location, an arrest warrant was issued for the thieves that brought the officers to Chaturong. It was not stated by what means they determined his specific whereabouts.

Chaturong has been charged with committing theft together with other persons by using a vehicle, as stated on the arrest warrant. The suspect allegedly told police that he and a friend stole the cables together. He has been taken to the Wichit Police Station for further legal proceedings. The police did not mention if they had a lead on the other cable thief.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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