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New Chamber Chairman slams smear attempt

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New Chamber Chairman slams smear attempt | The Thaiger

PHUKET: Pamuke Achariyachai, the new chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce, today called a press conference to slam a report in the national newspaper, Matichon. The report, in this morning’s issue of the newspaper, quoted an unnamed member of the Chamber as saying, “It’s such a shame. The Chairman of the Chamber should be a person of good image, not someone who ignored a court order.” The quote apparently referred to a court case against K. Pamuke 11 years ago, in which it was found that one of his hotels exceeded height restrictions. Slamming the report as inaccurate, K. Pamuke said, “I want to tell the reporter who wrote this to pass a message on to the person he quoted: When you want to give information to a newspaper you must have documentary evidence and really know what happened. “A newspaper should judge carefully what to publish, and be objective,” he added. “I don’t deny that I was involved in a court case because construction of my hotel was not correct. But that case was resolved on May 18, 1990.” Showing reporters a copy of the order issued by the court at that time, he stressed, “I was fined about 200,000 baht but the court did not order me to pull down any part of the construction.” Plainly taking the quote as an attempt to smear his reputation, K. Pamuke said, “I was elected Chairman according to the procedures of the Chamber. I think that attempting to discredit me in this way is not how a civilized person behaves.” K. Pamuke was elected Chairman of the Chamber two days ago following a debacle in which the former Chairman, Charn Wongsatayanont, and 74 other members had their memberships voided because of irregularities in their applications. Four months earlier, K. Charn beat K. Pamuke by 11 votes to 10 in the biennial elections for the Chairmanship. K. Pamuke told the press conference today, “Phuket Governor Pongpayome Vasaputi, in his capacity as Provincial Registrar, has called for all nine [remaining] members of the committee to meet him next Tuesday [July 31], in order to work out ways to solve the problem of membership.” He added that an extraordinary meeting of the entire membership would be held on August 21 at The Metropole hotel. The meeting would discuss three topics: clearing up the membership problem; changing the wording of some rules to make them clearer; and electing 12 members to fill positions on the committee left vacant by the membership upheaval.

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TAT expects 2.3 million tourists for this year’s Songkran

The Thaiger



TAT expects 2.3 million tourists for this year’s Songkran | The Thaiger

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is expecting more than 2.3 million local and foreign tourists will join the various Songkran celebrations this year. They say that should generate 20 billion baht+ in revenue for tourism and tourism-related services.

TAT’s Governor Yuthasak Supasorn says 300,000 international arrivals are expected to celebrate the five day festival starting April 12, along with two million locals who will travel to celebrate Songkran this year. Songkran falling on a weekend this year will also bolster local tourism numbers.

The number of Songkran-specific visitors is up this year, partly because of the growing popularity of the festival internationally and the government extending the holiday to five days this year, now starting on April 12 (although ‘Songkran, the Thai New Year, is actually on April 13).

Songkran festival extended HERE.

He admits that the bad publicity about the poor air quality in the northern regions is a problem, especially around Chiang Mai which has become a big international visitor favorite over recent yers.

Chiang Mai is one of nine provinces in the North struggling with smoke haze, mostly because of open-air burning of farm waste and rubbish, and localised bush fires. The heavy smog has caused temporary suspension of flights between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son although flights into Chiang Mai have been unaffected so far.

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German man dies in Phuket motorcycle crash

The Thaiger



German man dies in Phuket motorcycle crash | The Thaiger

A German man has died after a motorbike crash in Thalang.

The Thalang Police were notified of the incident last night on Srisoonthorn Road in Baan Manik, Thalang.

The German man, 53 year old Carsten Elfried Koch, was the driver of a motorbike and sustained critical injuries as a result of the crash. He died at the scene.

Police believe that Mr Koch was heading back to his home in Cherng Talay at high speed. He lost control at a curve on the wet road.

His body was taken to the Thalang Hospital for an autopsy. Officials have informed the German Embassy in Thailand.

Police didn’t report if the man was wearing a bike helmet or not.

German man dies in Phuket motorcycle crash | News by The Thaiger

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Officers follow-up on slow loris tout on Phuket beach – VIDEO

The Thaiger



Officers follow-up on slow loris tout on Phuket beach – VIDEO | The Thaiger

Phuket officials are searching for a ‘loris tout’ who was offering photographs with a slow loris at a Kata beach. (Some video of a slow loris below)

‘Angelina Bratukhina’ posted a video with a message read “Where are the police??!! It’s right now at Kata Noi beach.”

The man was offering photos with the slow loris for 200 -300 baht each time (a sign of local inflation, it used to be 100 baht).

The slow loris is a protected animal. Anyone who captures a slow loris can be fined up to 40,000 baht or imprisoned up to four years, or both.

The head of Khao Phra Thaeo non-hunting area in Thalang, Piyawat Sukhon says police are aware of the situation and are actively trying to track the tout down.

“We have searched for the man but not found him on the beach. He might circulate around Phuket’s beaches. Anyone who sees this kind of incident can call 191 or my number 089 873 7749.”

Where is police??!! It's right now at Kata Noy beach

Posted by Angelina Bratukhina on Sunday, March 17, 2019


Officers follow-up on slow loris tout on Phuket beach - VIDEO | News by The Thaiger

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