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Gov Wichai presents plans for Phuket

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Gov Wichai presents plans for Phuket | The Thaiger

PHUKET CITY: New Phuket Governor Wichai Phraisa-ngop presented his plans for Phuket to more than 200 government officers at the Royal Phuket City Hotel on Wednesday March 18.

As Phuket is a tourist destination and a gateway to Thailand, Gov Wichai said he will focus on solving problems related to land, traffic, flooding, entertainment venues, business and drugs.

Phuket’s environment needs to be improved, and we need to stop the destruction of natural resources by construction projects for resorts, hotels and industry. Also the problem of public land encroachment should be solved. I will talk with local leaders about the licensing of resort and hotel construction,” he said.

Besides that, I plan to beautify the route from Phuket International Airport to Phuket City. We’ll clean it up and plant more trees, generating lots of benefits without great expenditure,” he added.

Gov Wichai also addressed the flooding of Thepkrasattri Road in front of the Boat Lagoon in Koh Kaew, saying he would speak to local leaders to try and find a solution to the chronic problem.

Fixing the lack of water in Kamala, Srisoonthorn and other drought-stricken areas is also on his agenda.

The problem of traffic congestion in Phuket should also be taken seriously, he said.

Gov Wichai singled out the route from Sarasin Bridge to the Tha Chat Chai checkpoint, as well as the Heroines Monument, Tesco-Lotus and Darasamuth School intersections as particularly problematic. One solution might be to ban trucks from certain areas during rush hour, he suggested.

Thick concrete barriers will be placed alongside some roads to prevent vehicles from hitting electricity poles, though he did not specify where or when this would happen.

Entertainment venues such as bars, pubs should follow regulations strictly, he said.

Identifying drugs as a major problem, he suggested introducing sniffer dogs at the Tah Chat Chai Checkpoint and other key locations in order to intercept narcotic shipments in transit.

Gov Wichai said he intends to talk to the relevant authorities about the longstanding issue of foreign tour companies that don’t employ Thai staff.

Some tours bring their own guides and staff to the island while staying and traveling here. It means we lose benefits that should rightfully be ours,” he said.

Gov Wichai pledged to continue pursuing initiatives of former governor Preecha Ruangjan, including any projects under Royal Patronage and the decades-old dream of building an international conference somewhere on the island.

The speech closed with a promise to personally visit every government department in the province to meet staff and learn about the issues facing the province.

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Phuket kratom-cooker robs pharmacies – VIDEO

The Thaiger



Phuket kratom-cooker robs pharmacies – VIDEO | The Thaiger

Phuket police yesterday have arrested a thief while he was cooking up a batch of kratom. He had earlier robbed pharmacies in Chalong, Phuket.

Chief Investigator of the Phuket Provincial Police Col Prawit Engchuan says, “Yesterday we have arrested 25 year old Rattaphon Pales at a house in Chalong. Police seized 0.45 litres of liquid kratom.”

“On Monday night Chalong Police were notified that a man had robbed a pharmacy in Chalong (video below) with a knife. He stole 30,000 baht cash and sped away on that occasion.”

“We have continued the investigation and arrested a suspect while he was cooking liquid kratom at his home.”

“He had robbed the same pharmacy last week and another pharmacy in Vichit. In total he has stolen about 50,000 baht in cash.”

“He was taken to Chalong Police Station where he was charged with illegal possession of Category 5 Drugs and theft.”

PHUKETPhuket police have arrested a thief while he was cooking kratom after robbing pharmacies in Phuket.

Posted by The Thaiger on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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French man and two others killed in Rawai motorbike accident, Phuket

The Thaiger



French man and two others killed in Rawai motorbike accident, Phuket | The Thaiger

Three people have died and another sustained serious injuries following the collision of two motorbikes in Rawai early yesterday morning (Tuesday).

The accident happened on Viset Road in front of a public health centre at 1.30am.

The Honda Wave motorbike driver was 37 years old Siripong Mulikkabut. He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Vachira Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. He was not wearing a helmet. His passenger, 35 year old Warunee Hosakun, died at the scene.

The driver of a white Ducati model big bike was 48 year old French man Philippe Menduni. He died at the scene.

His passenger 44 years old Pannee Pongkan sustained serious injuries was taken to Vachira Hospital. Witnesses at the scene say she was five months pregnant.

Police say the Honda motorbike driver was heading towards Chalong Circle. When he arrived at the scene, the Ducati Bigbike came from behind and collided into the back of the Honda motorbike.

Police are continuing their investigation. Police also report that none of the riders were wearing helmets.

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Phuket Town Beauty spa shooter kills himself in Saphan Hin

The Thaiger



Phuket Town Beauty spa shooter kills himself in Saphan Hin | The Thaiger

UPDATE: The suspect in this morning’s shootings, 53 year old Chana Rodket from Songkhla, has shot and killed himself in Saphan His this afternoon. He was a housekeeper a the beauty spa where the shooting took place.

Earlier, a South Korean man and Thai woman were injured in a shooting at a beauty spa near Naka Market in Phuket Town.

The two sustained serious injuries from bullet wounds. Wichit Police reports that they was notified of the incident at ‘The Beauty Spa’ at 10.30am.

Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene to find two injuried from gun shots. Blood-stained towels were found around the scene of the shooting.

The two people shot were 74 year old South Korean man, Kwang Hee Kim (father of Ms Eun Mi Kim, the owner of the Beauty Spa) and a 56 year old Thai woman named as Somsri Chuatonghua, a staff member at the spa.

Both taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Phuket Town Beauty spa shooter kills himself in Saphan Hin | News by The Thaiger

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