20 year old arrested in Phuket drug raid amid ongoing suppression campaign

Meth pills found in campaign to curb drug activity in Phuket.

A drug raid executed in the Rawai Sea gypsy village in Phuket led to the arrest of a 20 year old local man. He was apprehended on charges of possessing 20 methamphetamine pills, colloquially known as Yaba. The arrest was part of a three-month campaign to crack down on drug dealing, use, and possession in Phuket.

The operation was executed by a collaboration of officials from the local district, drug suppression officers, and Chalong Police. The crack-down operation occurred on a Thursday night and was spearheaded by the Phuket District Narcotics Suppression Operation Team, under the leadership of Weerasak Khamkerd.

Chalong Police officers were also part of the team. The target, identified as Charin Bangchak, was found in possession of 20 orange Yaba pills, securely packed in a clear plastic tube, discreetly tucked away in his shorts pocket.

Following his arrest, Charin was taken into custody at Chalong Police Station, where he was charged accordingly. Notably, Charin confessed to all the charges pressed against him, as noted in the official report.

The report further elaborated that the drug raid was part of an ongoing campaign, initiated by the order of Muang Phuket District Chief Pairote Srilamoon. The campaign, which has been described as proactive measures to prevent and suppress drugs, is planned to span three months, from September until November.

The primary aim of this campaign is to exert pressure on drug users, dealers and those involved in the drug trade. The ultimate goal is to suppress the drug epidemic in the area, striving for a significant reduction, if not complete elimination, of all forms of drug-related activities.

The arrest of Charin and the ongoing campaign are part of the concerted efforts of the local authorities to combat the drug menace.

Just last, authorities at the Phuket airport arrested three Kenyan women for some internal drug smuggling. Officers conducted body searches on the Kenyan women. Initial searches yielded no illicit substances, according to the Sakhu police chief.

However, subsequent X-ray examinations at Thalang Hospital revealed a different picture. The scans uncovered capsules of cocaine swallowed by the Kenyan women while the larger bars of the drug had been into their vaginas, said police.

According to police, the total amount of cocaine recovered added up to 2,857 grammes. The narcotics, estimated to be worth approximately 10 million baht, were concealed within their bodies.

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