Wan Lai festival tarnished by rampant thefts in Pattaya

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The Wan Lai festival in Pattaya on April 19 was marred by a series of thefts that left attendees, including a 22 year old woman, distraught and bereft of their belongings.

A recently surfaced video clip posted by the Facebook page Kratoey Review on April 23, shows the woman, Sujira, in tears after losing her brand new iPhone 14 to thieves amidst the jubilant water festival.

Sujira, like many others, was revelling in the festive spirit when she discovered her phone missing from her water-resistant crossbody bag. The alarming reality dawned on her when she used her iPad to track her phone, finding it switched off at precisely 8.52pm.

The young woman promptly reported the incident to the Pattaya police. However, she was met with the chilling revelation that she was not alone in her misfortune. The police disclosed that multiple thefts had been reported on the same day. The task of identifying and apprehending the culprits is proving challenging for the authorities, as both Thai and foreign suspects are involved.

Sujira voiced her frustration at the situation, calling on the authorities to act swiftly and bring the perpetrators to justice. The investigation is ongoing, with hopes of resolving the matter and preventing such incidents at future events, reported Pattaya News.

“I was enjoying the festival when I realised my phone was missing. I checked through my iPad and found that my iPhone had been switched off at 8.52pm.

“I reported the theft to the Pattaya police, only to learn that I was not the only victim. The police revealed that multiple thefts had occurred on the same day.”

The incident underscores the importance of vigilance and precaution, especially in crowded and festive environments. While the authorities do their part to ensure safety, it is also the individuals’ responsibility to safeguard their belongings. As the investigation continues, the hopes for justice and the prevention of such incidents in the future hang in the balance.

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