Pattaya’s post-Songkran clean-up disposes 20 tonnes of trash

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Pattaya witnessed a massive clean-up operation after the Wan Lai Day festivities, a grand culmination of the Songkran celebrations, left behind a staggering 20 tonnes of garbage.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai took to the city’s streets on the morning of April 20 to personally inspect the aftermath and to extend support to the Pattaya City Environment Office workers tasked with the monumental job of cleaning up Beach Road and its surrounding areas.

The Wan Lai Day, which was held the previous Friday, saw an array of celebrations marking the end of Songkran. The merry-making, however, resulted in a heap of waste, primarily around the Beach Road area. Deputy Mayor Manoch, during his visit, noted the extent of waste scattered across the road, which included coloured powder, despite the city’s technical ban on it, discarded glass bottles, water guns, cardboard boxes, water buckets and powder cans.

In a heartening note, Manoch was all praise for the city’s waste management workers, calling them “true heroes.” His admiration for their dedication was evident as he watched them tirelessly work towards maintaining the cleanliness of Pattaya Beach.

The clean-up operation was initiated as early as 4am, with four water trucks pressed into service. The trucks were deployed to collect the garbage and wash down the streets and the vicinity. Manoch informed that the workers completed the task much before dawn, thereby adhering to the city’s policy of Clean Before Sunrise.

The enormity of the task and the swift response by the waste management workers underscore the city’s commitment to cleanliness, even in the wake of grand celebrations that are an integral part of Pattaya’s cultural fabric, said Manoch.

“Beach Road was covered in coloured powder, trash, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, water guns, water buckets, and powder cans after the fun-filled celebrations. The clean-up operation began at 4am with four water trucks deployed to collect garbage and wash down the streets and surrounding areas.”

Despite the massive clean-up operation required post-Wan Lai Day, the dedication of the Pattaya City Environment Office workers and their adherence to the city’s cleanliness policy stands as a testament to Pattaya’s commitment to cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

Pattaya's post-Songkran clean-up disposes 20 tonnes of trash | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

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