VIDEO: Korean tourist in Pattaya says transgender person pickpocketed him

Lee reported the incident to police, screen grab.

Even though Pattaya’s thieves have largely targeted Indian tourists this year, it appears that when picking targets, people of all nationalities are fair game.

A Korean tourist in Pattaya told police that a transgender person pickpocketed him on a beach on Wednesday night. The tourist, 43 year old Sanghyeon Lee, said he was walking on Pattaya Beach with friends when the thief walked up to him and tried to seduce him.

Lee declined the offer, and the stranger hugged him before leaving. Lee then realized that the stranger had snatched money worth 5,000 baht out of his fanny pack. He then alerted the police of the incident.

Pattaya Police investigated the incident scene and said they would review CCTV footage to track down the suspect.

There have been 15 pickpocketing cases in Pattaya so far this year, according to The Pattaya News.

This year, a number of transgender thieves have targeted tourists in Pattaya. There have been several gold necklace thefts, as well as cash was stolen.

In August, an Indian tourist was robbed of 12,000 baht cash and other assets on Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street. The 33 year old Vishal Vajbhaw claimed that two ladyboys robbed him after he rejected their “services.”

In July, Pattaya police announced that an Indian tourist reported that a transgender woman stole his 30,000 baht gold necklace.

Earlier this month, two transvestites also stole a gold necklace from a Russian tourist.

Due to the high number of crimes by transgender thieves, an abandoned tourist service centre in Pattaya has now been cleaned up to be used again.

The recent pickpocketing of Lee, a Korean tourist, is a reminder that when Pattaya thieves pick their victims, all nationalities are fair game.

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Tara Abhasakun

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