UPDATE: GoFundMe page for victim of Pattaya gym assault – VIDEO

Screen grab of video interview with Gary.


Following a violent attack at a Pattaya gym earlier this week, the victim has come forward and given a video interview with Youtuber Bryan Flowers. The victim, 46 year old British national Gary Reed, recounts how a fellow gym goer struck him hard in the face with a dumbbell when he wouldn’t move from the bench he was using.

Gary says “the bone on the bottom part of my face is shattered”, and he has gotten 16 external stitches. He said he went to an optometrist, who saw he had bleeding in his eye. Gary said that he is “seeing double.”

He tried to kill me. If you hit someone across the head with a hammer you try to kill him.

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Gary says the cost of his surgery is estimated to be between 600,000-720,000 baht. Bryan, the interviewer, says the attacker offered to pay 100,000 baht, which he called a “total joke”. Gary says he has already spent 25,000 baht. Bryan mentions that although there is an arrest warrant, “things are a bit delayed because it’s Thailand”. Gary discussed some more of the physical damage to his face…

“Apparently it’s so badly damaged that my eyeball is gonna start sinking into my head, so I have to have titanium plates, which means I will have another scar down across my cheek.”

Meanwhile Gary’s sister Julie Stafford has set up a GoFundMe page to help fund his surgery. Link HERE.

Watch the full interview with Gary below.



Police in Pattaya are searching for a foreign man wanted in relation to a violent assault on another foreigner at a local gym. According to a Pattaya News report, 46-year-old British national, Gary Reed, was assaulted with a dumbbell in a row over gym equipment.

The victim says that he was exercising at the gym when a foreign man started arguing with him over use of the equipment. It’s understood one piece of equipment was faulty and the unidentified assailant told Reed he was first in line to use the equipment that was working.

CCTV footage from the gym shows the man using a small dumbbell to attack Mr Reed in the head, as the British man was lying down about to lift weights. According to the report, the victim sustained injuries around his eye area, which required 60 stitches. The assailant fled the scene immediately following the attack.

Mr Reed has now filed a report with Pattaya Police and officers have confirmed they are looking for the unidentified suspect. Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 1337. The police are also urging the alleged attacker to surrender in order to “tell their side of the story”, according to the Pattaya News.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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