Motorbike taxi driver splash spat with tourist sparks row

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A splash spat between a Thai Win motorbike taxi driver and an Indian tourist during Pattaya’s Songkran festivity ignited when the foreigner got drenched. The kerfuffle arose when the Win driver’s playful seven year old son soaked the tourist, triggering a heated altercation.

The entire event took place on Pattaya Second Road towards Khao Phra Tamnak around 7pm on April 18. The escalating tension was caught on camera, showing the Thai driver pursuing and confronting the Indian tourist amidst the Songkran festivities. The video further illustrated the driver attempting to hit the tourist. However, the situation was defused as onlookers stepped in and separated the two parties.

This incident quickly gained traction on social media, drawing mainly criticism towards the motorbike taxi driver. The majority of the netizens expressed their disappointment over the driver’s conduct, which they believed tarnished the reputation of Pattaya by intimidating the visitor.

The Win driver, identified only as Boom, later spoke with local media to explain his side of the story. The 34 year old claimed that his actions were not an attack on the tourist but rather a defensive move to safeguard his son.

Boom clarified that his son was innocently playing with water nearby when he accidentally splashed water on the passerby tourist. This unintentional act infuriated the tourist, who allegedly tried to grab his son’s arm. This behaviour provoked Boom, leading to the chase and confrontation captured in the one-minute video clip.

While Boom expressed remorse over the incident, he stood firm on his stance of not apologising for protecting his child. He also mentioned that the tourist seemingly failed to comprehend that water splashing is a significant part of the Songkran tradition.

As of now, the Indian tourist has not filed an official complaint regarding the incident. However, the Pattaya police have acknowledged the matter and are presently conducting further investigations, reported Pattaya News.

“It was not an attack, I was just protecting my son.”

The incident has stirred a social media storm, with most users condemning the driver’s actions.

“This is not the way to treat visitors. It’s a shame for Pattaya.”

Though the incident has cast a shadow over the Songkran festivities, it serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of embracing and honouring local customs when journeying abroad.

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