Bangkok Metropolitan Council partners with Saifah App for EV travel planning initiative

The Bangkok Metropolitan Council joins in planning the trip to invite people to plan to charge their electric vehicles before leaving through the application created by Saifah.

Naruenarnmont Houngsap, Spokesperson of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, was appointed to chair the special committee to study the replacement of government vehicles with EV vehicles. In addition, Viput Srivaurai, a member of BMC Bankg Rak District, was also a witness to the launch of the Thai application Saifah for EV car users with Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok. There was Veerasit Manawa, CEO of Saifah EV Company Limited, who provided information at the Irawat Phatthana Building, Bangkok City Hall 2, Din Daeng.

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Due to the Songkran holiday, the Bangkok Metropolitan Council and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration invite EV car users to plan safe travel and prepare electric charging plans in other provinces using the Saifah application. It can help you find charging points throughout Thailand for a safer journey.

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Saifah is an application that helps users easily and accurately plan their EV travel in Thailand. This application covers all EV charging stations available in Thailand. Users can rest assured that when planning their trip they won’t miss a single EV charging station. The Saifah app uses battery data and the remaining distance from the destination to calculate the appropriate EV charging station for the user’s vehicle. Users can also customize charging settings to their preferences such as the type of EV charging station, charging time, and the amount they want to pay. The app has an AI system that will recommend fine-tuning the journey to be smooth and accurate and can also display current traffic conditions. Users can plan their trips with confidence that the journey will be smooth and on time. The application can be easily accessed on any device, including electric cars, via a web browser without complicated installation.

Bangkok Metropolitan Council partners with Saifah App for EV travel planning initiative | News by Thaiger

Nowadays, EV cars are becoming more popular and are also helping to reduce environmental problems, especially PM 2.5 dust. Right now, the Bangkok Metropolitan Council is studying the replacement of government vehicles with EV vehicles, starting with garbage vehicles throughout Bangkok which cause a lot of pollution.

Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok said that Songkran is a long holiday. People who use more than 60,000 electric cars and will travel to other provinces need to plan their trips to determine where to charge their batteries along the way. This service is a startup from the new generation. It is interesting and useful and participates in reducing dust pollution in the Bangkok area.

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