Torrential rain in Rayong causing unavoidable flash floods

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In Rayong province, located in Eastern Thailand, the tranquillity was shattered as several hours of torrential rain created havoc, resulting in several homes in the area being flooded. The intense deluge led to an onslaught of water on Road 3191 located in the Nikhom Patthana District. The event, reported as a flash flood, occurred in the wee hours of the morning at 3am today.

Multiple vehicles were not spared by the rampaging floodwater, resulting in significant damage. There were reports of individuals caught unawares and trapped within their vehicular confines. The merciless water didn’t stop at the roads; it found its way into the neighbouring Gatenipa Village. The damage was prodigious, with over ten homes submerged under the relentless tide.

As a safety measure, the electricity supply within the embattled village was swiftly cut off. Soon after, rescuers were wading through the waterlogged lanes, aiding the beleaguered inhabitants by assisting with relocating their belongings to safer, elevated spots.

Many villagers caught in this fray took their grievances to the local media. They shared their harrowing experiences, detailing how their calm night’s sleep was abruptly interrupted by an insidious deluge of water. The rain had been pouring for over ten gruelling hours when the water, almost like an uninvited guest, brusquely made its way into their homes.

Their sudden and immediate need to flee for their own safety meant they had to leave their homes and valuables behind, open to the wrath of the rushing waters. The destruction was inevitable and catastrophic.

By 8am, the Siam Rayong Rescue Center shared more updates. The wrathful floodwater was gradually receding, but the relentless rain showed no signs of abating. Even as they worked tirelessly, they used the opportunity to urge inhabitants living in low-lying areas, particularly those located close to riverbanks, to remain vigilant and prepared against the threat of sudden flooding, reports The Pattaya News.

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