Foreign crime crackdown launched by Thailand’s police chief in Chon Buri

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In response to the gruesome murder of German real estate tycoon Hans Peter Mack, a top-ranking officer of Thailand’s national police has instigated a serious crackdown on criminal activities spearheaded by foreign culprits. The foreign crime crackdown command was issued specifically to the constabulary in Chon Buri, demanding their complete devotion in the bid to catch such offenders, mirroring the successful arrest of two Germans and a Pakistani-Thai man allegedly involved in the murder of Mack.

The directive also implies an intensified push on eradicating violent hazards, particularly illegal firearms amongst other weaponry. The imposed deadline for the operation is three months from now, so the officers’ resilience and dexterity will indeed be put to the test.

Besides these foreign crime measures, the meticulous strategy plan involves regular police raids, alongside increased vigilance at checkpoints. The aim behind these efforts is to minimize potential opportunities for malevolent activities to occur in the province of Chon Buri.

An intriguing facet of the ordered requisition implies continuous investigation into foreign motorcycle clubs. This edict is an escalation of prior efforts to curtail transnational crime-ridden areas around the vibrant city of Pattaya. Particular emphasis will be placed on deciphering the characteristics and backgrounds of club members, to unravel the previously opaque den of foreign crime.

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It is right to mention that the culprits in the deplorable murder of the unfortunate Mack were found to have connections with one such motorcycle club. However, law enforcement officers have refrained from pointing fingers at the club or its members, stating that evidence of their involvement in the aforementioned foreign crime is yet to be discovered, reported Pattaya News.

In recent news, Thai police have stepped up their efforts in the investigation of the murder case involving a German businessman, with several arrests and charges being filed. Authorities have reassured the public that individuals implicated in such heinous crimes will be subjected to the full extent of the Thai legal system, including the revocation of their visas and subsequent deportation. Read more HERE.

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