Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce boosts global recognition for Thai cuisine

Noteworthy strides are being made by the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand as they launch the Travel, Taste, Eat Thai SELECT campaign, a remarkable initiative to advance Thai cuisine’s global recognition. This ambitious endeavour, spearheaded by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), is invested in motivating Thai eateries around the globe to secure the Thai SELECT certification, a seal of authenticity for Thai food.

The globe’s fondness for Thai cuisine is not a secret. The administration’s backing since 2002 has played a substantial part in the rise of Thai restaurants overseas, jumping from an initial 5,500 to a whopping 15,000. The role of the Commerce Ministry’s Thai SELECT certification is paramount in this achievement, ensuring that the standards for Thai restaurants are upheld domestically and internationally.

Travel, Taste, Eat Thai SELECT is more than just a campaign, it is a symbol of the culinary richness that Thailand offers. It is a testament to the country’s soft power policy, making use of the universal language of food to connect with people across the world and share the heritage, culture, and flavours of Thailand.

With 17,478 Thai restaurants dotted across the globe, a significant 1,546 of them proudly bear the Thai SELECT certification. The US stands out as the region with the highest concentration of these certified establishments. These numbers serve as a testament to the success of the Thai SELECT initiative and the popularity of Thai cuisine worldwide.

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As the campaign spreads its wings, more restaurants are expected to join the fold, further establishing Thai cuisine’s reputation for its distinctive flavours. The Travel, Taste, Eat Thai SELECT campaign promises to bring the authentic tastes of Thailand to every corner of the world, ensuring that wherever one may be, the delightful experience of Thai dining is never out of reach.

Indeed, the Ministry of Commerce’s endeavour to promote Thai cuisine through the Thai SELECT certification is a commendable effort to preserve and share the country’s rich culinary heritage. The Travel, Taste, Eat Thai SELECT campaign is much more than a marketing initiative, it is a celebration of Thai cuisine, an invitation to the world to experience the authentic flavours of Thailand.

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As the campaign continues to gain momentum, it is clear that the unique and vibrant Thai culinary landscape will continue to win hearts worldwide. With every new Thai SELECT certification, another restaurant joins the ranks of those committed to delivering authentic Thai cuisine, further cementing Thailand’s reputation as a global culinary powerhouse.

As the Ministry of Commerce and the DITP press ahead with their ambitious campaign, the world can look forward to a continued surge in the availability and authenticity of Thai dining experiences.

In the words of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), The Travel, Taste, Eat Thai SELECT campaign is not just about promoting Thai cuisine but also about sharing the rich cultural heritage of Thailand with the world, reported Pattaya News.

Indeed, with each new Thai SELECT certification, another chapter is added to the global story of Thai cuisine – a story that continues to be written, one delicious dish at a time.

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