Royal Thai Police’s eradication of convictions in massive justice reform

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The Royal Thai Police (RTP), under the leadership of Commissioner Police General Torsak Sukvimol, has unveiled a significant achievement for the national justice system.

A substantial number of convictions, specifically over 9.3 million from a total of 13 million, have been successfully expunged within two years. This announcement by Torsak was made public yesterday, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s justice system reform initiatives.

During the announcement, Thai reporters raised a question regarding a notable individual – former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The query was directed towards understanding Thaksin’s eligibility for the expungement process.

Responding to this, Pol. Gen. Torsak clarified that Thaksin did not meet the criteria for expungement as his convictions were felony crimes which carried a sentence exceeding one year.

“Thaksin is currently under the supervision of the justice process or the Thai Department of Corrections. His case is no longer within the jurisdiction of the Thai Police Department.”

The question of a potential royal pardon for the 74 year old former Thai PM was also raised during the interaction. However, the Police Commissioner was quick to highlight the limitations of his department’s authority in this matter, reported Pattaya News.

“The Police Department holds no responsibility and authority to issue a royal pardon. Therefore, we have no comment on this possibility.”

This substantial expungement of convictions is part of a larger initiative aimed at reducing the burden on Thailand’s justice system and enabling individuals to reintegrate into society. The process excludes those convicted of serious crimes, such as Thaksin, ensuring that justice is maintained while offering a second chance to those who qualify.

In related news, The National Police Chief recently addressed the issues within the RTP in an interview on Inside Thailand. Torasak revealed plans for a merit-based system for appointing and transferring police generals, aiming to foster unity within the force. Read more about the story HERE.

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