Teen skater injured in gang assault at Pattaya park after noise dispute

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

In the early hours of this morning, an 18 year old skateboarder sustained substantial injuries after confrontations with an unruly gang of teenagers at a skate park in South Pattaya. Enraged by their noisy motorbike engines, the victim reportedly antagonised the gang, leading to a brutal assault with weapons before the gang fled the scene. The incident was reported to the police, who were quick to arrive at the scene.

At 5am today, the Sawangboriboonthammasatan Rescue Unit based in Pattaya received a distress call. They promptly dispatched officials from their rescue team and officers from Pattaya City Police Station to investigate Bali Hai Cape Skate Park, located in Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province.

Upon arrival, officials bore witness to a sight that could only be described as chaotic. A crowd of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18, both boys and girls, stood around the scene of the incident, watching with piqued interest. They found the victim, referred to as ‘A,’ lying on the floor of the skatepark. A was covered in blood with visible head wounds and swollen facial injuries, and bruises strewn across his body. Disaster response personnel administered first aid before rapidly transferring him to the nearest hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Witnesses at the scene, including some of A’s close friends, shared that before the assault, they had gathered at the skatepark for an evening of skating. Shortly after, they noticed a group of teenagers roaring by on their excessively loud motorbikes – about 10 bikes, according to witnesses.

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This behaviour incensed A, leading him to effectively rap insults at the disturbing group. In apparent retaliation, the disgruntled gang returned to the skatepark, equipped with long-bladed knives and sticks, and launched a violent assault on A.

Blows were dealt to the head, leaving A crumpled on the ground as he was kicked repeatedly by the culprits, who then hastily made their escape on their bikes. Following the incident, witnesses quickly rang for help, alerting the rescue unit which endeavoured to assist the gravely injured boy.

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