Daria’s Pattaya condo fall: Arrest warrant denied for person of interest

A warrant was refused for a person of interest in the death of Daria, a Russian woman who fell from a condo window. (via Daily Express)

A new wrinkle in the investigation concerning the tragic death of a Russian woman, Daria Iuzifiak, after her fall from a Pattaya condo window, raises questions. The Pattaya Provincial Court refused to issue an arrest warrant for a person of interest due to a lack of substantial evidence tying him to the fatal fall.

The Russian woman, simply identified as 32 year old Daria Iuzifiak, fell from the seventh floor of a Na Jomtien condominium at approximately 7am on August 13. A man, referred to as 30 year old Fedor, also a Russian national, has come into the limelight as a person of interest.

Iuzifiak plummeted to her death and the entire episode was caught on CCTV cameras installed on the premises. The footage shows Fedor holding Iuzifiak by her legs but his intentions, as shown in the video, appear dubious as it’s uncertain whether Fedor attempted to save Iuzifiak or let her fall.

The ambiguous nature of the evidence presented led the Pattaya Provincial Court to quash the Na Jomtien police’s request to arrest Fedor yesterday afternoon around 5pm. He was reportedly found at the scene of the fall to be drunk and combative.

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Fedor was subjected to a series of tests and intense scrutiny at the Na Jomtien Police Station under the watchful eye of Pol. Col. Wattanachai Saengrit, the Superintendent of the station. A drug test resulted negative for Fedor and when confronted with the charge of murder, he fervently denied causing harm to Iuzifiak.

He stated that Iuzifiak’s desperate plunge was an act of self-will, while he was helpless and unable to prevent the fall despite his attempts, which were captured on CCTV.

Moreover, Fedor claimed that the visible scratch marks on his body were the result of self-harm and not any physical confrontation with Iuzifiak before her fall. He substantiated his aggressive and uncooperative conduct at the crime scene, claiming it was a visceral reaction to shock rather than intended hostility toward law enforcement.

Yesterday the meticulous interrogation session with Fedor was facilitated by tourist police, interpreters, and Immigration. Fedor continued to ardently refuse any involvement in Iuzifiak’s death.

As the Pattaya Provincial Court denied issuance of an arrest warrant against Fedor due to a lack of solid evidence of homicide, Superintendent Saengrit stated that Fedor would be released but kept under surveillance by Immigration while the investigation continues.

Consequently, Fedor was hit with a fine, the amount of which remains undisclosed, for charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct at the scene after Iuzifiak’s fall.

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