Prominent politician’s alleged son causes chaos at Pattaya rental villa

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A teenager, purporting to be the offspring of a prominent local politician, and his associates stand accused of wreaking havoc on a rental villa in Nongprue, Banglamung. They are said to have threatened the villa’s owner. The villa is situated in a residential complex in M.12.

Cattleya Jularat, who is 44 years old rented out her villa through an agency booking company on August 25, charging 5,900 baht (US$168) per day with an additional 3,000 baht as a security deposit. This deposit would be returned to the customer upon their departure, provided no issues arose during their stay.

Yesterday at 10am, Cattleya arrived at her property to find all the windows draped with towels. Deciding to inspect the villa after midday, she was met with a scene of disarray. The interior was in a state of untidiness, with several items including plates and cups broken. Paraphernalia, suspected to be used for illicit drug consumption, was also discovered on the premises.

She reached out to the agency booking company, claiming 1,500 baht from the deposit to compensate for the damages. While the company was in agreement, the teenage customer, who was still in the villa with his friends, was incensed upon realising that he would not receive his full security deposit back. His identity remains undisclosed due to his minor status, reported The Pattaya News.

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The teenager allegedly declared himself to be the son of a powerful local politician who could cause significant trouble for the villa owner. He did not, however, disclose the politician’s identity. It is alleged that he then hurled a glass onto the floor, shattering it, and threatened Cattleya that he would return with his friends to inflict further damage on the house. Following these threats, the group left in a pickup truck. This left Cattleya feeling alarmed, prompting her to contact local media and amass evidence for a report to the Nongprue Police.

A security guard from the villa disclosed that approximately 10 to 15 teenagers, both male and female, were seen entering and exiting the villa throughout the night on modified pickup trucks.

The Nongprue police confirmed that they are aware of the incident, and investigations are currently underway. Follow our latest stories on our new Facebook page: CLICK HERE.

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