Pattaya woman’s sudden death raises questions about chronic alcohol addiction

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A tragic scene unfolded on the roads of Pattaya in the early hours of yesterday morning when a Thai woman suddenly died in front of her husband. The sudden death took place in Soi Thung Klom Tan Man 29, a locality in Pattaya, where the 42 year old woman, Khamai Sangbut, unexpectedly collapsed and was unable to be revived.

Sawang Boriboon’s rescue services were alerted to the dire situation at 2.06am and soon arrived promptly at the scene. They were accompanied by officers from the Nongprue Police Station, who were there to ensure a thorough investigation of the incident.

Khamai’s lifeless body was found on the ground, void of any visible injuries or indications of foul play. The absence of any apparent harm led the authorities to believe that her untimely sudden death may not have been due to external factors. The police are, however, awaiting a formal report from the autopsy, which is being conducted at Banglamung Hospital.

It was a heart-wrenching sight for her 49 year old husband, Prachuab Yingyongyuen. While waiting for the rescue services, he recounted how he had discovered his wife’s body.

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In the middle of the night, Khamai left their house without providing any explanation. Worried, Prachuab had set out on his motorcycle in search of his wife, only to find her lying by the roadside. Before he could take her back home, she breathed her last in front of him.

Prachuab admitted that he was uncertain about the exact cause of his wife’s sudden death. However, he did reveal a critical piece of information to the authorities: Khamai was a chronic alcoholic. He mentioned that she had stopped drinking two days before her sudden death due to ill health. This detail might be crucial in understanding the circumstances leading to her demise.

It is a tragic event that highlights the detrimental effects of substance addiction, leaving a man mourning the loss of his wife and a community in shock. The incident has left unanswered questions that only a post-mortem examination can answer. Until then, the events leading to Khamai’s untimely death remain shrouded in mystery.

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