Gunman on the loose: Police scramble to find foreign suspect intimidating sightseers in Pattaya (video)

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Police officers are frantically searching for an unidentified foreign gunman caught on tape intimidating a group of international sightseers with a pistol at a popular scenic viewpoint in Pattaya. The threatening incident has created a stir, leading Pattaya’s chief of police, Police Colonel Thanapong Phothi, and investigators to accelerate efforts to apprehend the at-large suspect.

The concerning footage, which took around 99 seconds to play, offered clear insight into the gunman suspect’s appearance. The foreign man brandishing the firearm is of foreign descent, appears to be between 20 and 30 years old, and stands around 170 centimetres tall. The video reveals him dictating a string of commands to approximately 20 Middle-Eastern male tourists at the Sor Thor Ro 5 hill viewpoint, instructing them to sit huddled next to each other.

The aggressor distinguished himself with a black shirt and trousers and demonstrated a chilling presence as the gunman waved his pistol, aiming it directly at the head of one of the scared tourists.

The footage was seemingly captured via an easily portable device, likely a mobile phone. The episode reportedly unfolded in the early hours of this morning, although the exact source of the video remains unknown, reported Bangkok Post.

Upon being alerted, Pattaya law enforcement officers headed to the hotspot swiftly.

Today, Police Chief Pol. Col. Thanapong took the lead on the investigation, organising a team to scour the area. The investigative team engaged in a diligent examination of surveillance footage captured in the vicinity and initiated inquiries with local vendors who might have witnessed the unnerving event.

An additional point of focus for law enforcement officials is establishing contact with the tourists who found themselves on the receiving end of the gunman’s threats. The investigation into the case continues, with the police leaving no stone unturned while attempting to bring the suspect to justice and ensure peace and tranquillity returns to Pattaya.

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