Pattaya loan shark threatens to cut off debtor’s finger

A department store employee from Pattaya in Chon Buri province is terrified because a loan shark threatened to cut off her finger for missing some debt repayments. The woman secretly voice recorded the creditor and took the evidence to the police.

Yesterday, 35 year old Angumalee Suriya from Pattaya revealed that a loan shark offered to deduct 10,000 from her mountain of debt in exchange for one of her fingers.

Angsumalee said she borrowed a total of 14,000 baht from the loan creditor back in October 2021 and agreed to pay a staggering 15% interest on the loan per month. She managed to make repayments up until four or five months ago when the economy worsened and she could no longer get the money together to manage the repayments.

When Angsumalee stopped paying off the debt, the loan shark turned up at her place of work and forced her to get in his car to talk with him. Angsumalee secretly recorded their conversation on her phone, which she took to Pattaya City Police Station as evidence.

In the recording, the creditor can be heard telling Angumalee that not only does she need to pay her debt, but she also needs to repay her friends’ debt too, amounting to a total of 100,000 baht. Then, the loan shark threatened to cut off her finger to deduct 10,000 baht off the owed money.

Angsumalee filed a complaint with officers at Pattaya City Police Station, who are investigating the creditor’s threats. Police said that if Angsumalee is threatened again, she should go straight to the police. Angsumalee said that although the police are helping her, she still doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t know what to do.

Two weeks ago, a loan creditor broke into a woman’s home in Phetchabun province, northern Thailand, and spread fermented fish all over her house and belongings after she missed some payments.


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