Pattaya city plans for one-way roads trial in 2024

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Located in Thailand, the bustling city of Pattaya recently grabbed headlines as city leaders declared their intent to usher in a significant change. Leaders in Pattaya City have revealed a proposal to convert the traffic flow on the bustling Soi Buakhao to one-way roads system. The announcement elicited diverse reactions and viewpoints, yet the prevailing sentiment among our readers, according to an informal poll, leaned towards supporting this alteration.

Yet, several weeks passed without any updates, leading to a growing sense of anticipation, especially with the city’s high season and the busy Christmas and New Year festivities around the corner.

City officials in Pattaya finally broke their silence a few days ago, confirming that the change is indeed on the cards. However, the expected timeline has been shifted to early 2024, after the New Year celebrations, reported The Pattaya News. This decision will ensure that the bustling holiday season goes on without any disruptions.

The proposed change is centred around making certain roads one-way. It’s important to note that this modification will initially be trialled in the Soi Diana and Soi Honey areas, not the entire city. This is a strategic step, allowing authorities to assess the impact of the change on a smaller scale before potentially expanding it citywide. However, Pattaya City leaders did not divulge the exact specifics of the trial.

In related news, Mayor Poramese Ngampiches responds to public backlash over Pattaya Beach’s controversial sidewalks by committing to widening and improving walkways near Soi 13/2 and Royal Garden Mall. Following social media outrage, the Mayor pledges to reduce tree space and enhance accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The improvements are slated for completion by month-end. Meanwhile, concerns arise over Jomtien Beach’s fishing section clutter, prompting local fishermen to promise tidier surroundings for residents and tourists. Follow their progress on our Facebook page. Click HERE for updates on Pattaya’s beachfront transformations and community initiatives.

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