Pattaya bar ladies use YouTube to make money during pandemic – VIDEO

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Can’t visit the ladies in Pattaya? Just go to YouTube and type “Pattaya bar live” in the search bar. A number of videos and live streams will come up from various bars in Pattaya. The area was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic with a ban on international tourists, battering the local economy that heavily relied on foreign visitors. But it looks like many of the bars, that cater to foreign, male customers, are making money by reaching out to customers who aren’t even in Thailand.

Many bars than now stream on YouTube list a link to a PayPal to allow customers to make a donation or buy a drink for one of the female bar staff. Some live stream at the bar, allowing the customers sitting at home in another country to connect with the bar staff, as if they were there.

Sweet Media, an account which started in March, posted a video of a pool party in Pattaya saying “nice to see the girls enjoying getting wet and letting their hair down at the pool party,” with a link to donate to the “Next Thai Girls Pool Party fund” and another link to buy a lady a drink for 150 baht.

A Pattaya bar under the YouTube account “S3xy bar soi buakhao” has been live streaming for months. They started with just a few hundred views and now break a thousand. They have chatroom rules: “Be nice to the girls, the bar and all customers past, present and future.”

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Pattaya’s Oh Bar joined YouTube in August. They have live stream videos at the bar as well as pre-recorded videos like “Beer Bar Lady Beach Volleyball.” The women didn’t play much volleyball and lined up on the beach, each in a different coloured bikini to stretch. They took some shots of holding the ball before passing it around in a circle. Another video is of “Beer Bar Lady Amy” studying English, showing the woman at a desk in her pajamas, flipping through a textbook for 8 minutes.

Oh Bar also did a video asking the bar staff “What type of customer do you like?” Here’s what so of the Oh Bar ladies said …

“I like a man who takes care of me. I come to Pattaya to find man who support and marry me.”

“I like old man. I think old man makes me good and takes care of me and my family.”

“I like warm man. Good style. Takes care of me. Love me and friendly, comfortable… Marry me.”

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