Local official surrenders in police investigation of highway patrolman murder

Nahkon Pathom official surrenders in police investigation of highway patrolman murder. (via TPN)

In Nakhon Pathom, a high-ranking local government official, commonly known as Kamnan, submitted himself to the local law enforcement authorities following the murder of a highway patrol officer. This unfolding complex story involves 34 year old Praween ‘Nok’ Janklai fondly referred to as ‘Kamnan Nok’ within his community. The sub-district headman willingly turned himself in to the authorities at the Mueang Nakhon Pathom Police Station, as confirmed by the Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police.

Kamnan Nok is under suspicion for allegedly orchestrating the murder of the highway policeman, a serious crime that led to his immediate arrest warrant. Despite his surrender, Praween dismissed the accusations and allegations levelled against him, categorically denying any involvement in the tragic incident that led to the premature demise of the highway officer.

His denial of the charges has sparked a more intensive investigation into the case as authorities strive to uncover the truth behind the dreadful act.

The life of a highway policeman was cut short by a gunman, later identified as 45 year old Tananchai ‘Nhong’ Manmak hailing from Ratchaburi province. The gunman, in turn, met his end at the hands of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police as he attempted to elude capture by fleeing to Kanchanaburi.

The fatal encounter between Tananchai and the CIB Police took place near a temple in the Ta Rua district of Kanchanaburi province at around 5:45 am. When cornered by the long arm of the law, Tananchai allegedly brandished a handgun, attempting to resist arrest, prompting the CIB Police to respond with lethal force, a representative from the CIB Police confirmed.

“[Tananchai] was holding a handgun and trying to fight back against police to avoid arrest before they shot him to death.”

As events unfolded, the tragic loss of the highway policeman and the subsequent shooting of the suspect have sparked a heated discussion on social media platforms. Critics have voiced their concerns and are calling for investigations into the entire incident.

“Some critics on social media have called for an independent investigation into the shooting, claiming emotions and anger were high amongst police and wanted to ensure transparency around the investigation and shooting.”

Meanwhile, local law enforcement agencies are not taking Kamnan Nok’s claim of having nothing to do with the shootout lightly, remaining committed to unearthing the exact circumstances leading to the murder of the officer.

Kamnan is considered the primary suspect in the case, and his surrender only intensifies the spotlight on him.

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