Indian tourist beaten by Pattaya nightclub guards

PHOTO: An Indian man claims Pattaya night club guards attacked him. (via Pattaya News)

In an incident sure to fluster the tourism industry’s push to welcome foreign travellers, a group of nightclub guards from an Indian bar were accused of attacking an Indian tourist. The attack went down on the bustling Walking Street in Pattaya in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The tourist reportedly sustained head injuries and was left bleeding on the street after the altercation.

According to the victim, the incident began as a small argument with the guards of a nearby Indian nightclub on South Walking Street. The name of the nightclub where the altercation took place has been withheld as the investigation continues.

He had walked up to them to complain about what he considered to be a bad attitude and the poor manners they displayed. However, the argument quickly escalated and the guards allegedly attacked the Indian man without any physical provocation, according to eyewitnesses on the scene.

Pattaya Police and Sawang Boriboon rescuers were called to the scene at 4am in response to the assault report. The Indian man was being treated by a helpful passerby who tended to the blood coming from his head.

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He was able to provide a statement to the police with the assistance of a female friend who translated. The 32 year old Indian tourist explained to the police how he had quarrelled with the guards of the Indian nightclub. He said the argument turned to blows quickly but claimed that the assault started with them attacking first.

Pattaya Police have launched an investigation into the incident and have stated that they will call the guards of the club in for questioning. They also will sit down with the guards and the tourist at the police station to settle the dispute face to face.

This incident has raised concerns about the safety of tourists in Pattaya, as well as the actions of nightclub security personnel. Many in the tourism and travel industry have complained that stories like this incident give a black eye to Thailand and discourage travellers from coming, fearing for their safety.

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