Former German police officer found dead in his house in Chon Buri

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Police conducted an investigation at a house in the Satthip district of Chon Buri yesterday after the body of a 66 year old former German police officer was found dead in the kitchen. It is believed that the man succumbed to a chronic disease more than 10 days before being discovered.

The deceased was identified as German man Scutt Axel, who lived alone in his wife’s house in Chon Buri. His sister in law, a 68 year old Thai woman named Wilai, who alerted the police about his death, explained that Axel was a former police officer in Germany. He married her sister and they had a child together but lived in separate countries. Axel lived alone at his wife’s house while his wife and their child lived together in Germany.

Wilai said that she last saw Axel on Monday, March 6, when he visited her house. She was not suspicious about his appearance or health until her sister asked her to check on Axel as she had not heard from him in a few days.

Wilai then went to check on him but there was no response so she returned home. Then, Axel’s neighbour contacted her yesterday, informing her of a strong smell coming from his house. She was afraid to check inside the house alone, so she sought help from the police.

Upon investigation, officers from Sattahip Police Station discovered Axel lying face down in the kitchen. His body had no wounds or traces of an attack but his body had already started to decompose. Officers investigated the house and did not find any suspicious things or signs of theft.

The police believe that Axel passed away due to a chronic illness. Axel’s body was then sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Bangkok for a further autopsy to determine the exact cause of his death.

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