Foreign motorcyclist struck by hit-and-run baht bus driver in Pattaya

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A bizarre incident unfolded in the early hours of this morning as a foreign motorcyclist was struck by a vehicle, believed to be a baht bus, which subsequently fled from the incident scene. The collision occurred at 3.30am, in the vicinity of Hard Rock Hotel.

Emergency healthcare workers from the Sawang Boriboon Foundation were alerted and quickly reached the scene, finding the foreign motorcyclist laid out on the ground, struggling with a potentially serious head injury. The identification of the man at the centre of this unfortunate incident remains unknown at this time. On the assessment of the Sawang Boriboon responders, the man seemed to be showcasing signs of potential alcohol inebriation.

A conspicuously abandoned black ADV 150 Honda motorbike, believed to belong to the injured foreigner, was located not far from him. He was rushed to a local hospital without any further delay for immediate medical attention.

A resident, Prinya Kamphaengphet, was present at the scene. The 38 year old had been enjoying a quiet early morning walk near the accident site. Prinya shared that she had witnessed the incident, in which the motorbike seemed to be racing with what appeared to be a baht bus when disaster struck.

She said that the victim and the bus collided which resulted in the motorbike getting overturned and the rider falling helplessly on the street.

In the wake of the accident, Prinya did not hesitate to grab her mobile and capture the incident. Astoundingly, she reported that the driver of the baht bus stopped momentarily seemingly to assess potential damage to his vehicle. To Prinya’s shock, the driver exhibited no concern for the injured motorcyclist and chose to drive away from the scene leaving the man lying on the road. Upon witnessing this heartless act, Prinya rang the police to report the incident.

Foreign Motorcyclist
Image courtesy of The Pattaya News

To identify the elusive driver, the police are reviewing the CCTV footage capturing the exact location of the accident. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to conclusively verify the identity of the motorbike rider, reported The Pattaya News.

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