Food delivery rider killed in Road accident involving a truck

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A fatal road accident occurred in Chon Buri’s Mueang district, taking the life of a 21 year old food delivery rider. On a bypass route to Bangkok, the victim’s motorbike skidded on a thick layer of sand on the road and fell under the rear wheel of a 10-wheeler truck, resulting in immediate death due to severe head injuries.

The accident scene was a tragic sight. Onlookers watched emergency responders attend to the lifeless body of Surasak Setthajit sprawled out on the road.

A 32 year old witness, Watchara Daengprakham, to this devastating road accident, recounted the sequence of events to the local media.

He saw Surasak riding his motorbike adjacent to the large 10-wheeler truck. Suddenly, the motorbike slipped on a thick layer of sand and fell directly under the truck’s rear wheel.

The impact was so severe that Surasak was crushed to death instantly.

The 35 year old truck driver, Anon Jaicham, provided a similar account of the disaster. Anon was driving in the leftmost lane when he saw Surasak suddenly swerve his motorbike to avoid another bike on the road.

Fatal collision

This sudden manoeuvre caused Surasak’s motorbike to skid on the sandy street, and despite Anon’s attempts to swerve away, he was unable to avoid the fatal collision. Watchara said the sight was horrifying.

“I saw the victim riding alongside the truck, and then suddenly his bike slipped on the sand and went under the truck’s rear wheel. Despite the driver’s attempts to avoid the accident, it was too late.”

Following the accident, Surasak’s body was transported to a local hospital, where it awaits funeral arrangements. In the meantime, local law enforcement authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the road accident. They are currently reviewing CCTV footage to determine the sequence of events and assign responsibility for the accident.

This tragic event underlines the need for proper road maintenance and safety measures, especially on busy routes. The combination of sandy roads and heavy traffic can be deadly, as witnessed in Surasak’s unfortunate demise.

The local community, particularly those who knew Surasak, expressed their condolences and awaited the outcome of the investigation. As the probe unfolds, they hope for a thorough understanding of the incident and, ultimately, justice for Surasak, reported The Pattaya News.

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