Drunken Pattaya tomboy injured in street food brawl

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A late-night altercation outside a street food vendor in Pattaya turned violent when a tomboy, having consumed alcohol, lashed out verbally at a diner, leading to a physical confrontation that left her severely injured.

The incident, which occurred at 10.36pm yesterday, in Soi Sukhumvit Pattaya 91, was reported to the Sawang Boriboon Tharm Satharn Rescue Center, which promptly dispatched a team to assist the victim.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, emergency responders found the 28 year old, Wilailak, lying on the ground in distress, suffering from a head injury. The rescue team, alongside medical personnel, delivered first aid before urgently transporting her to Pattaya City Hospital for further treatment.

The owner of the eatery, 63 year old Prakong recounted the events leading up to the assault. She explained that Wilailak, who worked at a nearby car repair shop, entered the restaurant in a drunken state and began causing a scene.

The victim’s unruly behaviour escalated to the point of hurling insults at a male customer’s parents, prompting him to retaliate physically, knocking her to the ground in a fit that left her foaming at the mouth. Following the altercation, the perpetrator left the scene, and the authorities were contacted for assistance.

A colleague of the injured, known as Uncle Dam, provided further insight into Wilailak’s behaviour, indicating that post-work drinking was a daily habit for her. Her intoxicated state often led to erratic behaviour and verbal outbursts directed at various individuals, including the owner of the car repair shop.

Although her conduct was typically ignored out of pity, with most people advising her to sleep it off, her decision to provoke others eventually resulted in the violent incident that unfolded, reported by Khaosod.

The story of Wilailak’s unfortunate encounter serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that can arise from excessive alcohol consumption and public disturbances. It underscores the importance of responsible drinking and the potential risks associated with aggressive behaviour while under the influence.

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