Couple shocked by random bullet through their window glass

PHOTO: A random bullet pierced a Chon Buri window. (via Pattaya News)

A seemingly freak accident startled and confused a Chon Buri couple when a stray bullet came through their bedroom window. The couple live in a 2 story house in Nong Ree in Mueang Chon Buri and were in bed upstairs in the master bedroom when the incident occurred.

Police were called on Thursday about the random bullet and met with the 33 year old man at his house to go over the incident and inspect the window. He said he and his girlfriend were in their bedroom when during the night they heard a banging noise. They assumed it was on the street and essentially ignored it. They weren’t scared and didn’t suspect anything dangerous was going on.

It wasn’t until morning when they opened the bedroom curtains that they discovered an unnerving hole in the window behind it. The couple showed the bullet hole in the window to the police for inspection. The bullet damage is a clean piercing of the glass with a relatively small hole and very small shatter around it. The rest of the window glass is fully intact and unharmed.

When they found the bullet hole in their window they were naturally a bit freaked out, but thankful that the bullet didn’t hit them or do any more serious damage.

The house is in a relatively quiet location – a rural area with houses spread out uncompacted, with plenty of room between them. Gun battles are not common there. The couple said that they didn’t know of any enemies or conflicts they had with anyone that might cause someone to attempt to harm them or even scare them by firing one single shot through their window and have no idea where the bullet came from.

Police have an ongoing investigation into the incident and will be seeking out CCTV cameras in the area and reviewing their footage in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone who could have fired the bullet through the couple’s window.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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