Bike racing tourists arrested in South Pattaya

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South Pattaya locals fed up with noisy bike racing tourists finally got their wish when two racers were arrested in the early hours of this morning. Last month, locals complained about the tourists on Second Pattaya Road getting in the way of other drivers. Between last night and this morning, residents near Soi Yensabai and Soi Sunee complained that bike racers were disturbing their sleep.

A police team then rushed to the area. Once the racers saw the police, the crowd broke up. The locals said that some racers pretended to be customers at an Arab restaurant, ordering drinks to blend in. But the police caught two of them.

Initially, the police reportedly confiscated their bikes and fined the racers for breaking traffic laws and causing disturbances. Police Captain Sontaya Khansub said, however, that he would also investigate to find the owner who lent the bikes to the tourists.

The tourists’ names haven’t been released, but they were both from Middle Eastern countries and had no license, registration, insurance, helmet, vehicle tax, or other required documents to legally drive in Thailand, according to police.

Middle Eastern tourists usually come to Pattaya in June and July, and often rent motorcycles, according to Pattaya Police Chief Krirkrit Saiwana. A video shared on social media last month shows a large group of bikers zooming through the area around Pattaya Second Road. They sometimes force other drivers to wait for them to squeeze by, and some of the drivers loudly yell “Whoo!”

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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