E-ganja highly popular with Chiang Mai teens & govt officials

Vendors in the northern province of Chiang Mai have revealed that their best e-ganja customers are either wealthy teenagers or government officials.

E-ganja, like an e-cigarette, is a portable electronic device that simulates smoking. But unlike e-cigarettes, the e-ganja electronic device includes cannabis oil instead of tobacco.

One of the positives of using an e-ganja electronic device is that it does not create any smell or give off any smoke, unlike its cigarette counterpart.

Media reports reveal that smokers mostly buy e-ganja online, and it’s available for about 3,000 baht.

A 22 year old woman, who didn’t want to be named, admitted she and her friends regularly use e-ganja.

“The e-ganja is chargeable and can be used for two to three weeks. It doesn’t cause any smoke and smell, so it won’t bother others.

“E-ganja became more popular because many people are allergic to the bong or ground cannabis wrapped in paper. With the cannabis oil in e-ganja, smokers know their limits and can control themselves.”

One business owner informed the media that many vendors import e-ganja because it is popular, even among government officials, because it has no smell and smoke.

“No one would know that they are smoking cannabis. But there are still some of my customers who like smoking from a bong. They say it feels much better than the electric one.”

Ganja was removed from the Public Health Ministry’s narcotics list for medical purposes last month. But the ministry has banned smoking cannabis in public and announced that its smell and smoke are a public nuisance.

Last month, the police raided shops on Khao San Road for selling ground cannabis wrapped in paper to customers without licenses.

The Chief of Cannabis and Hemp Act, and Bhumjaithai Party MP, Supachai Jaisamut, informed the public last month that the laws to control cannabis businesses will be completed by the end of this month.

Supachai added that all sellers and business owners can sell cannabis while the measures and restrictions are still in the grey area, but it shouldn’t be used blatantly.

SOURCE: Sanook

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