Intoxicated Pattaya tourist allegedly punches elderly Australian man in face

South Pattaya's Soi Buakhao, the street of the alleged crime, photo by Pattaya Unlimited.

Another intoxicated Pattaya tourist has reportedly caused mayhem. On Friday night, a tourist allegedly punched an elderly Australian man in the face as the man was trying to stop him from fighting with a motorcycle taxi driver.

A witness said that the Australian man, 70 year old Tony, had seen the tourist in a feud with the motorcycle taxi driver on Soi Buakhao in South Pattaya. Tony went to stop the situation from escalating when the tourist punched Tony in the face. The tourist walked away after he punched him, the witness said. The witness added that the tourist seemed heavily intoxicated.

Tony sustained a non-life threatening injury to his face. Rescuers took him to a nearby hospital.

Pattaya police said they would question the motorcycle taxi driver for more information and review CCTV cameras around the area.

This is certainly not the first violent night incident involving foreigners in Pattaya. In June, two foreign men on a soi near the street got into a brawl which left one with slash wounds. A witness said the men had gotten into a verbal argument, which escalated into a physical fight. They said one man then slashed the other man’s arms with a “sharp weapon,” similar to a knife.

Even though the man slashed was heavily bleeding, he refused to go to a hospital, instead getting help bandaging his wounds from his friends. He also declined to file a police report.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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