18 arrested at Bang Lamung birthday party, ecstasy seized

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Police in Bang Lamung, a district in Chon Buri, have arrested 18 people yesterday at a birthday party. The raid, which made it a surprise birthday party in a way, happened at 11 pm at a home in the Nong Pla Yen sub-district.

Police were alerted to the birthday party from a concerned citizen who was reportedly afraid the party could lead to a Covid outbreak. So, the police decided to stage a raid.

At the house, police found 18 people, many of whom were teenagers. Police say there was an abundance of drugs and alcohol present at the scene. Among the drugs present at the birthday party, at least 40 ecstasy tablets were found.

Police did not identify what other drugs may have been present at the scene but they did provide a picture of several small baggies that contained crystalline looking substances, orange pills, and green pills.

Everyone at the party was arrested. Their names have not been released by the police. The police do say the party attendees face strict charges owing to the Covid rules that prohibit gatherings of more than 5 people and require people to social distance. Breaking the law is an infringement of the Emergency Decree that was put in place to curb the spread of Covid.

The suspects were brought to the Pattaya City Police Station. Police say 6 of the 18 suspects have already tested positive for having drugs in their systems. They did not state whether the drugs in question were ecstasy or a different substance. It was also not stated whether the suspects have been tested for Covid.

The birthday party was reportedly for one of the guest’s 21st birthday. A picture from the scene captured a birthday cake with Minnie Mouse on it.

Last month, a birthday party was broken up in Thong Lor. 21 arrests were made.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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