Pathum Thani man allegedly lights building on fire, sticks around to laugh and smile

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Over the weekend, a man in the central Thai province of Pathum Thani allegedly lit a residential building on fire but rather than fleeing the scene after his criminal act, the man allegedly stuck around to laugh and smile at the destruction. The man allegedly started the fire in the early morning hours, around 2am in the Lam Luk Ka district.

The Nation Thailand says the fire’s point of origin was a shoe rack at the building. From there, the fire climbed to a wooden panel and spread to neighbouring buildings. The building’s tenants, a mother and daughter, were warned of the fire and managed to escape. Local firefighters and Khu Khot police rushed to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, residents kept their attention on the suspected firebug to prevent him from leaving the scene.

The suspect was questioned in Thai, and when that failed to produce an answer he was questioned again in English. The police say he spoke little. They did not say if he said why he started the fire or if he did in fact light it. Police speculate that the man is either a foreigner or mentally ill. The suspect was taken to the police station for further legal proceedings.

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SOURCE: The Nation Thailand

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