Veterinarian arrested for giving beauty treatments

Dogs with breast augmentation? Cats with face lifts?

After customers reported some suspicious behaviour, a veterinarian in Sisaket province, in northeastern Thailand, has been arrested for giving cosmetic beauty treatments at a veterinary clinic in Phitsanulok, Central Thailand. The veterinarian, known as B, was allegedly giving botox and filler injections to customers despite not being licensed to do so. The veterinary clinic where he was allegedly giving treatments was inspected by the Phitsanulok Provincial Public Health Office where officials found many medications without proper serial numbers or sources.

Veterinarian arrested for giving beauty treatments | News by Thaiger

The clinic’s registered doctor had cancelled the clinic’s medical registration in July 2020, however, officials found the clinic to still be open and operating as normal. Health office officials have requested the clinic to report back on who is actually in charge of the establishment but have not received a response despite the clinic staying open.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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