Undercover police allegedly bust into wrong house in Nakhon Ratchasima

PHOTO: Thai Police Vehicles/Flickr

Undercover police from the Northern Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima accidentally searched the wrong house, much to the surprise of the homeowner, reports Thai media.

The mistake was posted on Facebook. The clip, which has not been made readily available, allegedly shows 4 police officers barging into a villager’s house. In the video, 4 police officers say they have a mission to perform and an argument ensues between them and the homeowner.

The men in the video eventually leave the house without further incident. INN News say they went to the Non Sung Police Station and talked to Rattanapon Tupkaew who confirmed that the men in the video are indeed police officers from the Non Sung Police Station. It was not reported what role Rattanapon plays in the police force.

Thai media reports that the police were acting on a tip that gambling was happening in a home in the village.

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So, acting on the tip, police stormed into what they thought was the gambling house only to find no gambling but a confused, none-too-happy homeowner. The unnamed homeowner was reportedly shocked and confused by the police intrusion, especially as the officers were not wearing police uniforms at the time.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

Northern Thailand News

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