Police in Northeast find almost 2 million meth pills after car flees checkpoint

Police in Khon Kaen, a Northeastern province in Thailand, found almost 2 million meth pills in a car that drove away from them right before they began to search it at a checkpoint. The police eventually caught up with the driver when he jumped out of the minivan and ran into a sugarcane plantation (these drug couriers ALWAYS run off into the adjacent plantations!).

Police then searched the minivan and found 1.98 million methamphetamine pills. The pills had been divided into 330 packages that each had 6,000 pills in them.

Police say they believe the pills were smuggled into Thailand from Laos, and were probably on their way to Bangkok and Southern provinces. Though the drugs have been seized, the driver is still on the loose.

Drugs are often smuggled into Thailand from neighbouring countries like Laos and Myanmar. Last week, soldiers in Chiang Mai seized 200,000 meth pills and 750 grams of heroin from gunmen near the Burmese border. This was after the gunmen started shooting at the soldiers, and the two sides then fired at each other for about 5 minutes.

The patrol of the soldiers tried to convince the gunmen to lay down their weapons, but they refused.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Tara Abhasakun

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