Pink lilies pull hundreds of thousands of tourists to northeast Thailand lake

Pink lilies in northeast Thailand, photo by Nation Thailand.

Flowers are still springing up across Thailand, drawing tourists to admire them. The latest flower hotspot in Thailand to have tourists come flocking is Nong Han Kumphawapi, known as Thailand’s ‘Pink Water Lilies Lake.’ The lake is located in the northeast province of Udon Thani.

The chairman of the lake’s tourism boat enterprise, Paisit Sukrome, told Thai media the lilies are more noticeable than in previous years because the lake’s floating moss has been eradicated.

Paisit said that about 200,000 have visited the lake so far this year. In 2021, that number was only 50,000.

Over 100 boats are now available for tours of the lake, Paisit said. However, only three of five piers are currently open due to the efforts to remove the floating moss, he said.

As with many other flower hotspots in Thailand, the lake draws the most tourists during the cool season, meaning that now is the perfect time to head over. Boat guides say the best time to visit the lake is in the morning as the sun can be overwhelming after 11am, Nation Thailand reported.

The Pink Water Lilies Lake was named one of CNN’s ‘15 strangest lakes’ in 2014.

Thailand’s colourful, vibrant flowers are delighting tourists across the country. In central Thailand, a field of cosmos flowers is open to tourists in the main city district of Lop Buri province.

A Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) director’s office in the province brought a group of people to admire the purple, pink, and white flowers last week. People are growing cosmos flowers in the field because they are more unique than sunflowers, adding more variety for tourists to see.

Last month, lush pink lotus flowers in the northern Nakhon Sawan province also drew tourists. Bueng Boraphet, a lake and swamp in the province, had an area of lotuses covering an area of over 100 rai.

Which flower hotspot in Thailand will be your next stop?

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