Druggie bites police officer who caught him stealing electricity in southern Thailand

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A man high on drugs bit a police officer’s arm while under arrest for stealing electricity in Krabi province in southern Thailand yesterday afternoon.

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) were informed of some suspicious wires leading into the house of 31 year old Natthaphong in Krabi’s Tap Prik subdistrict.

Natthaphong managed to tap into the PEA’s electricity for free by dangerously connecting a wire from an electric pole directly into his house. He did not install an electric metre, making the PEA unable to track his electricity usage.

Yesterday afternoon, PEA officials and officers from Mueang Krabi Police Station attempted to raid Natthaphong’s house. However, Natthaphong was high on methamphetamine and wouldn’t let the police into his house.

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Natthaphong was angry. He suddenly launched at a police officer and bit his arm, causing three gaping wounds. The electricity thief tried to flee but the uninjured police officers chased him and pinned him down. Police tied him up to prevent him from attacking again.

The thief’s 56 year old neighbour Wisa Rakkuea told police that Natthaphong was violent and always high on drugs. Wisa said that in September, Natthaphong attacked him with a knife.

Wisa filed a police report accusing Natthaphong of attempted murder, but no progress with the case was ever made, said Wisa.

The terrified neighbour said that Natthaphong is a danger to society. Wisa accused his neighbour of stealing assets from local people’s houses in the local area. Wisa said he was glad Natthaphong was finally arrested.

Police arrested Natthaphong under suspicion of theft, using drugs and attacking a police officer. Police said Nattaphong is looking at a 15 to 20 year prison sentence for his crimes and even life imprisonment or the death penalty if found guilty of attempted murder.

Earlier this month, the Department of Special Investigation raided 50 crpto mines in Bangkok and Nonthaburi for stealing electricity amounting to 325 million baht per year.

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