Northeast woman dies chasing biker thief who nabbed her gold chain

Photo by Matichon.

A woman in northeast Thailand died this week while chasing down another biker who nabbed her gold chain. The woman, 47 year old Somchit, had been driving her motorcycle home after going to the bank when another biker started to move closer to her. The biker then snatched her chain. The incident happened in the main city district of Sisaket province.

Somchit sped after the thief, only to crash into a fence. A Good Samaritan brought Somchit to Sisaket Hospital. There, she told her daughter what had happened. But Somchit tragically succumbed to her injuries the next day.

Provincial authorities have allowed Somchit’s daughter, 28 year old Nattaya, to review surveillance camera clips of the incident. The clips showed Somchit reaching an intersection, with a biker in front of her who did not have a license plate. Later on, the suspect slips behind Somchit and then zips ahead of her once again.

The suspect then turns at a junction. Somchit continues to chase the suspect, only to lose control of her bike and crash into the fence of a nearby house.

Nattaya is now heartbroken and is urging the police to catch the crook so that they don’t move on to do the same thing to someone else.

This news comes in the wake of several gold necklace theft incidents across Thailand. While thieves have become notorious for snatching gold necklaces in Pattaya, one thief also stole a gold necklace in Phuket this week. But the theft of Somchit’s chain is the first of these recent cases to end fatally.

SOURCE: Matichon

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