‘Magic cards’ contain dangerous radioactive materials

The Thai Office of Atoms for Peace is warning of excessively high levels of radiation from the so-called “energy cards” or ‘magic cards’ that distributors claim can cure illnesses and help relieve aches and pains.

The Office of Atoms for Peace of Thailand in Chatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand, was established in 1961 as the Office of Atomic Energy for Peace. The OAP serves as the main authority for nuclear research in Thailand. The OAP employs approximately 400 people.

Tests on sample cards, conducted by the state agency, found radiation measuring at 40 microsieverts per hour, which is 350 times higher than the maximum exposure for humans in a year. Tests reveal that the cards contain radioactive metallic elements of uranium and thorium, as well as their “radionuclide” or radioactive isotope. X-rays indicated there was nothing inside the cards.

The agency is also warning against drinking water in which an “energy card” has been dipped, as doing so raises the risk of cancer. It says the OAP would take legal action against the distributors once it has gathered enough evidence from its tests on the cards.

OAP is advising against being exposed to the card or products that contain radioactive elements.

“Using such products bring you no benefits and it’s not worth the price. Also, you may be unnecessarily exposed to excessive radiation.”

‘Magic cards’ contain dangerous radioactive materials | News by Thaiger

The warnings follow media reports last week about villagers in the Northeast being tricked into buying these so-called energy cards from distributors. The distributors were profiting from selling the cards and then recruiting new distributors as part of what appears to be a “pyramid scheme” (multi-level marketing).

The cards are being sold at 1,100-1,500 baht each.

Many of the cards are headlined with Indonesian writing ‘Kartu Sakti’. The translation is ‘Magic Card’.

SOURCE: The Nation

Video of tests being conducted on the cards by the Office of Atoms for Peace HERE.

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