Hotel warns of pretty woman who dodges room fees, leaves mess and bloodstains

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A hotel owner in Udon Thani province has posted a warning for other hotel operators about a pretty 25 year old woman who has not only avoided paying her hotel bill but also left her room in a miserable state. The owner claims that upon inspection, the room was found to be unclean and damaged to such an extent that the staff had to bear the responsibility indeed.

The owner issued a warning to all hotels in Udon Thani province about this particular guest. Reportedly, she stayed at a hotel in the area between April 25 and 29 but avoided paying for her room between April 30 and May 2. On May 3, she informed the hotel that she was checking out but still did not pay her bill. Instead, she used the opportunity when staff members were attending to other guests to slip away unnoticed. In addition to the unpaid bill, the hotel’s property was found damaged, including blood-stained linens that could not be cleaned as they had been left for days. The guest’s refusal to let housekeeping staff into her room made matters worse.

Ultimately, the responsibility for paying for the damage fell on the hotel employees, who had to spend their hard-earned salaries to cover the bill for this unknown guest. Many would deem this unjust, considering the effort people put in to earn their money. The owner’s post expressed surprise at the character of the woman who had outer beauty and appeared to be well-dressed, but had chosen to behave in such a manner. The owner called on friends or acquaintances of the elusive guest to help her take responsibility for her actions.

The post was shared on social media in hopes that the woman would not repeat her actions with other individuals or hotels. The hashtag used in the post translates to “#sourceofprettybutnotsokissable,” indicating the woman may look attractive but her actions are far from admirable.

Further details were shared by the hotel owner, saying that they visited the woman’s home, which was allegedly in poor condition. The woman’s elderly father lived alone in a dilapidated house, and the owner expressed sympathy for the father who had to cope with a daughter acting in such a manner.

After the post was shared, other hotel owners commented that the same woman had stayed at their establishments and tried to avoid paying the bill but ultimately ended up settling the payment after being confronted. They had her on a blacklist since then. People acquainted with her also came forward on social media to share their experiences, leading them to sever ties with her. Additionally, some attentive netizens focused on a few items left behind in the woman’s hotel room, which appeared to resemble drug paraphernalia, raising further concerns about her behaviour.

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