Chiang Rai: man robs a bank that’s inside a Tesco Lotus

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A masked man has reportedly robbed a Bangkok Bank that is inside Tesco Lotus. The bank teller says the robber took home 80,000 baht. The robbery happened in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

The bank employees and customers have told police that a thin man, approximately 165 centimeters tall, clad in a black jacket, grey pants, a black hat, and black mask, had strode into the bank and sat across from the staff service counter.

When the bank staff called him up, he handed the teller a folded note. The note read :

“This is a Bank robbery, Shut up I have a gun. Put your money in the bag and hurry up”. Reportedly, the man had a hand placed inside his jacket to give the impression he did indeed have a firearm. It is not known how they determined he was pointing his finger instead of an actual weapon.

At this point, the other bank patrons were unaware they were in the midst of a bank robbery.

The teller collected the money and placed about 80,000 baht in a “brown bag”.

The robber left through the front door. After the thief’s escape, the teller activated the emergency police signal.

The director of the Chiang Khong Police Station, Chaiyut Chimplee has ordered police to check CCTV footage on the off chance someone can identify a man wearing a hat and mask. Intending, perhaps, that someone in the bank or the Tesco will recognize his eyes.

The police are also consulting other CCTV footage to see if anyone helped the robber escape.

A year prior, the Bangkok Bang in Chiang Rai was robbed by two men. This time, the payday was over 1 million baht in cash. The thieves are thought to still be at large. Another (alleged) bank robber was caught last year due to sharp police work and the suspect counting cash nearby.

SOURCE: Chiang Rai Times

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