A Valentine’s Day surprise: agency spots heart-shaped forest in Chiang Rai

Heart-shaped forest satellite photo, via Nation Thailand.

Nature nerds will be delighted to learn on Valentine’s Day (today) that Thailand’s space technology agency has discovered a heart-shaped forest in the northern Chiang Rai province.

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) added a unique touch to the celebration of Valentine’s Day by releasing an incredible aerial photo of the forest.

The photo was captured by the SPOT 6 satellite, which orbits the Earth from a distance of 694 kilometres and moves in synchronisation with the Sun, Nation Thailand reported yesterday.

The forest can be found in Chiang Rai’s Phaya Meng Rai district, close to the Wat Doi Mon Pa Yang temple, also known as Wat Santitham. GISTDA spokesperson Dr Siam Lawawirojwong said the forest acts as a “green heart” for the remote Santitham village, offering clean air and a peaceful environment surrounded by paddy fields and cassava plantations.

If you’re scrambling to make last-minute Valentine’s Day plans, there are some other beautiful nature sites to visit across Thailand.

In the northeast province of Udon Thani, You can take a boat ride around the stunning Red Lotus Lake. This magical spot is popular for its pink lotus flowers covering the water’s surface. The best time of year to visit is between December and February when peak blooms occur – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Koh Kut, an island in the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the most romantic destinations for couples wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day in peace and privacy. It offers some of the most pristine beaches and lush jungles that are not overrun by tourists.

In Krabi, you can challenge your love with an adventure by exploring limestone cliffs and sea caves together, or embarking on a kayaking journey along spectacular coastlines. This picturesque region of Thailand is full of romantic destinations that are sure to ignite the spark between you and your significant other.

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