Young woman assaulted and forced drug use in Kamphaeng Phet

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An 18 year old woman courageously reported a violent attack by her friend’s boyfriend, who not only assaulted her with a kick to the face leading to a split chin and bruises on her arms and chest, but also coerced her into drug use.

This alarming incident occurred on April 28, with the victim, identified only as “Vee,” making the report the following night at the Kamphaeng Phet City Police Station.

On the evening of April 29, Vee approached the authorities to take legal action against a man named “Ae” who was romantically involved with her acquaintance.

The physical abuse suffered by Vee was severe, with the facial kick causing her chin to split open and a metal spatula being used to repeatedly strike her arms, resulting in noticeable swelling and extended bruising.

Moreover, Ae forced Vee to consume methamphetamine amidst a bout of anger triggered by accusations of Vee facilitating an affair between Ae’s girlfriend and a tattoo artist.

Vee managed to escape her ordeal in the early hours of the morning and was still bearing the wounds of her assault when she sought medical attention at Kamphaeng Phet Hospital. During her report to the police, she recounted the events leading up to the attack.

An innocent event

A few days prior, an older friend had invited her to accompany her to get a tattoo. After the seemingly innocuous event, Vee received a phone call from her friend, who was in tears, pleading for Vee to visit her residence where the confrontation with Ae ultimately erupted.

Ae interrogated Vee, accusing her of facilitating an intimate act between the tattoo artist and his girlfriend. Ae’s anger was further fuelled by an alleged message from the tattoo artist, confirming the details regarding the intimate acts.

Despite Vee’s denials, Ae’s suspicions persisted, provoking him to become violent.

Not only did Vee face his wrath but Ae also assaulted his girlfriend’s mother, sparing his girlfriend from harm because he would not strike his girlfriend.

Vee’s attempt to leave was met with threats from Ae, who warned that he would slash her face with a cutter if she tried to flee. Out of fear, she stayed put, enduring her forced confinement.

Under duress, Vee eventually consumed half a pill of methamphetamine. Upon her escape the next day, relatives accompanied her to file a complaint against Ae, adamant about pursuing justice to the fullest extent.

The law enforcement officers at Kamphaeng Phet City Police Station took Vee’s statement and initiated an investigation. The detectives were tasked with locating Ae to gather further details and balance the accounts of both parties before proceeding with formal charges, reported by Khaosod.

This incident highlights the troubling issues of domestic violence and drug coercion, sparking concerns about the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals within the community.

The police’s rigorous pursuit of justice serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and condemning such acts of aggression and control.

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