Young golf caddie’s life cut short in road accident in Sattahip

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A young golf caddie met a tragic end in a motorcycle crash in Na Jomtien, Sattahip district, Chon Buri province yesterday morning.

The accident, which unfolded on the serene stretch of Nong Jap Tao – Khao Chi Chan Road, has plunged a family into mourning and raised urgent questions about road safety.

Local authorities were alerted to the accident scene at approximately 8.30am. Upon their arrival, four individuals, three women and a man, had already been transported to Wat Yannasangwararam Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

A caddie at a local golf course, 23 year old Jutarat, was found dead at the scene with severe head injuries and skull fractures. Attempts at resuscitation proved futile. The presence of her helmet shattered into pieces, painted a grim testament to the force of the impact.

The local community, including her distraught parents and relatives who had rushed to the scene, was enveloped in a wave of grief and disbelief. Witnesses shared harrowing accounts of Jutarat’s final moments, detailing how her red-and-black Honda Wave motorcycle disastrously swerved, colliding with two other bikes, and catapulting her into a fatal trajectory.

Nonglak Jitjaikla, the Vice Mayor, voiced the collective sorrow and shock as investigations commenced, aiming to unravel the sequence of events that led to the loss, reported Pattaya News.

The police are gathering evidence and testimonies for investigation of the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

In related news, a 29 year old man’s motorcycle collided with a parked truck in Chon Buri, leading to his instant death. The subsequent arrival of his mother, who was overcome with grief, added a tragic dimension to the already grim traffic accident. Local police and rescue teams were called to the accident scene on Road 344 in Ban Bueng district in the early hours of last Thursday, March 14.

In other news, a motorcycle accident claimed the lives of two young girls and left another in critical condition on March 10. The incident, which took place near the community of Modindaeng in Chaiyaphum province, was recorded by a CCTV camera, highlighting the dangers of not wearing a helmet while riding.

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