Motorcycle crash in Chon Buri claims life, leaves mother in despair

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A heart-wrenching scene unfolded on a road in Chon Buri province when a 29 year old man’s motorcycle collided with a parked truck, leading to his instant death. The subsequent arrival of his mother, who was overcome with grief, added a tragic dimension to the already grim traffic accident.

In the early hours, local police and rescue teams were called to the scene of the accident on Road 344 in Ban Bueng district. There, they found the victim, Waranont Sumahingphan, an employee of the Nong Phai Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, lifeless on the road. Despite emergency first-aid efforts, he could not be revived.

Waranont’s motorcycle had crashed into the rear of a Hino truck with Songkhla license plates, which was stopped with its hazard lights flashing. The force of the impact was such that the motorcycle remained wedged under the truck’s rear end.

Upon witnessing the sight of her son’s fatal accident, Waranont’s mother was distraught. Her cries of despair echoed around the area as she questioned the fate that had befallen her family.

“Why didn’t you take me instead?”

She then fainted amidst her anguish, prompting villagers and rescuers to provide assistance and help her regain consciousness, reported KhaoSod.

The truck driver, 54 year old Pai Chitmongkol, described how he had parked his vehicle to have a meal after delivering fish in Rayong’s Klaeng district and was waiting for his food when he heard the collision. Shocked, he approached the scene to find the motorcycle had hit his truck. He immediately contacted the police, who planned to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the accident and proceed with any necessary legal action.

In related news, a tragic road accident claimed the life of a motorcycle repairman as he collided with a parked 18-wheeler truck in the early hours on Samut Prakan province’s Suk Sawat Road. The accident occurred near the Prasamut Chedi Police Station, around 100 metres away from the scene. Police Officer Worachet Dechadesho responded to the incident, which took place at 3.30am on March 7.

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