Yamaha worker dies weaving between racing trucks

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Today, a tragic accident occurred as a 48 years old Yamaha factory employee, Anuwat Thawadee, attempted to weave his motorcycle between two trucks on Theparat Road, Samut Prakan. The man lost control, fell under the wheels of one truck, and was crushed to death, despite wearing a helmet. The incident is under investigation by the Bang Phli police.

At the scene, Anuwat’s black Yamaha motorcycle lay overturned in the middle of the road, while the driver of the 18-wheel Isuzu truck with which he collided, Patwai Kamsuwan, stood about 500 meters away, waiting to work with the police. A witness, Sunan Glom Yim, a grilled pork vendor, said she saw two trucks racing each other before Anuwat tried to manoeuvre between them, ultimately leading to the accident.

Another witness, Raphee Mangkorn, reported seeing the accident unfold from a pedestrian overpass. He claimed the motorcycle attempted to pass between the trucks when the truck on the right suddenly slowed down, causing Anuwat to veer into the other truck’s path and fall under its rear wheels.

Patwai, the truck driver, explained that he was en route to work in Bang Na when the accident happened. He only realised what had happened when he saw Anuwat’s motorcycle hit the side of his trailer in the rear-view mirror, and then fall under the rear wheels, and the driver didn’t have enough time to react and brake. He immediately pulled over to the side of the road. The police have taken Patwai in for further questioning at Bang Phli Police Station.

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The officials from a volunteer foundation took Anuwat’s body to the Chakri Naruebodin Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. It is speculated that Anuwat was rushing to his workplace at the Yamaha factory, which is only two kilometres away from the scene of the accident, reports Khaosod Online.

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