Samrong beauty clinics raided for explicit content and unregistered products

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Recently, a beauty clinic in the Samrong area and its Chai Samoraphum branch were raided by Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA), health service support and Consumer Protection Police Division officials. The investigation, which was prompted by revealing and provocative content uploaded to YouTube, uncovered more than 500,000 followers on a content creator’s channel. This marketing strategy, however, has caused controversy across social media platforms. Apart from that, the clinics were found to be using unregistered drugs and cosmetic products.

The raid was conducted after the clinic uploaded unblurred videos of laser hair removal procedures for female private parts on YouTube. The explicit content attracted a large following, creating buzz and controversy on social media platforms. Apparently, a popular content creator with more than 500,000 subscribers reviewed the laser procedure, which took place at the clinic.

Upon inspection, officials discovered that the clinics provided beauty enhancement services to the general public. They managed to seize three suspicious drug products, while another two were confiscated from the Chai Samoraphum branch. Moreover, it was found that the clinics advertised their services on Twitter and YouTube without obtaining necessary permissions, which contravenes Thai laws and regulations.

Samrong beauty clinic
Image courtesy of Khaosod Online

Dr Surachat Wisetsak, Director-General of the Health Service Support Department, stressed the importance of private healthcare providers following legal advertising procedures. He warned against using other individuals for promotion on their behalf, as this could potentially mislead and harm consumers. Medical clinics should select registered drugs and cosmetics in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their treatment for clients.

Weerachai Nawachai, Deputy Secretary-General of the Thai FDA, stated that although the clinic had already obtained the necessary permits, the medicines and cosmetics used were unregistered. It is essential for medical clinics to use only registered drugs and cosmetics with FDA approval to guarantee safety and efficacy for patients receiving treatment, reports Khaosod Online.

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