Work from Bangkok home possible due to increased PM2.5 pollution

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) struck a deal with civic groups, proposing work from home plan for 50,000 of the city’s workers if PM2.5 intensity hits the red level for three consecutive days, declared Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt.

The 57 year old city chief, in a strategic morning meeting with top-tier administrators, addressed the escalating PM2.5 dust crisis throttling the capital. Blaming the surge on sluggish air circulation and rampant biomass burning in the countryside and neighbouring nations, the governor exposed alarming statistics.

“Last year, a mere 525 hotspots marred the January 1 to 9 period, but this year, the count has skyrocketed to 1,089, a staggering 107% surge.”

To combat the menace of vehicular emissions, the BMA has forged alliances with nine automotive giants. The goal is to motivate car owners to fine-tune their engines and shift to the environmentally friendly Euro-5 grade petrol.

The Bangkok governor vowed to safeguard the health of students.

“Every municipal school will boast at least one pollution-free haven for students during adverse air quality conditions. Additional rooms will be constructed specifically for our youngest learners in kindergartens.”

At present, the BMA has established eight pollution-centric clinics across its hospitals, including Taksin, Central, Lat Krabang, and Sirindhorn. These clinics provide refuge for individuals suffering from PM2.5-induced health issues, offering medical care and counselling, reported Thai PBS World.

Seeking aid has been simplified through the telemedicine application and the 1646 hotline, ensuring prompt assistance for those affected by the toxic air.

In related news, Chadchart stipulated guidelines for preventing and solving the PM2.5 dust problem in the Thai capital on January 10, at Bangkok City Hall, Din Daeng.

A campaign has been implemented to change engine oil and air filters according to the usage cycle accordingly to reduce dust caused by dark smoke and exhaust emissions from the combustion engine (diesel). Both PM10 and PM2.5 will be tackled under the project name, This Car Reduces Dust.

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